Things to do: Mukuvisi Woodlands

Tucked in the city not far from our lodge and the Airport is Mukuvisi woodlands. A small game park in the city, take the trip to see wildlife whilst on horseback or interact with local flora and fauna available at the park. This is a good Afternoon activity even for those just passing through town or doing a day’s layover flight.

Things to do: 263 Chilled

You might be surprised to hear that even in this land-locked, Southern African Country you can still go skating… on ice. Located at one of Harare’s prestigious shopping malls is an ice skating rink. Add this to the list of fun activities to do whilst in Harare.

Things to do: Golf

Harare has an impressive Golf circuit, with 5 courses within 10km range of our Lodge you can take your pick where to play. Each course has seasoned professionals and amateurs alike and is kept to meet any international standard. Take your pick and enjoy the courses of Harare.